Ronald Keith Chesser

Profession: Professor
Department of Biological Sciences Director                                          Center for Environmental Radiation Studies
Director                             Interdisciplinary Program in Biological Informatics
Phone: (806) 742-1737
Mobile: (806) 535-2275
Fax: (806) 742-1745
S-mail: Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University
Box 43131 Lubbock                     TX 79409-3131


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                                   BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES



  • Documentation of radiation dispersion in rural and urban and areas subsequent to release from a nuclear accident. Reconstruction of plume dispersion from the Chernobyl accident is permitting us to document how radionuclides are  deposited in forested areas, around buildings and avenues, in waterways.
  • Development of accurate methods for estimating radiation dose in various organisms exposed to environmental radiation. 
  • Radiation dosimetry is a central tenet of my third area of research, the biological/genetic effects of radiation. I collaborate with excellent scientists (Drs. Robert J. Baker ,Carleton J. Phillips, Brenda E. Rodgers, Jeffrey W. Wickliffe and others) to assess genetic changes associated with acute, sub-acute, and chronic doses of radiation. Methods employed include DNA sequencing, karyology, fluorescent in-situ hybridization, micronucleus assay, DNA-unwinding, flow cytometry, and microsatellite surveys.
  • The genetic information within populations may be a function of environmental factors as well as behavioral characteristics, including mating and dispersal behavior,which is my fourth area of research.


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